The WSI Lifecycle – Six-phased Development Plan

We use the philosophy of the Lifecycle to create custom-tailored plans that grow and evolve with your business. Small companies, medium-sized businesses and large corporations that operate in multiple countries, will all benefit from our cutting-edge approach and we can develop an entirely new digital strategy or enhance your existing one.

What is the WSI Lifecycle?

The Lifecycle is our six steps to success strategy and it includes all of our digital marketing services. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Discovery

    The first step is to understand your online profile. Then we look at answering some important questions, such as:

    • What is working;
    • What is not working;
    • Are you running any Digital campaigns and  how are they performing;
    • Who are your customers and is your online strategy effective in reaching them;
    • Who are your competitors and what do they do online;
  • Internet Business Analysis (IBA)

    The IBA provides you with a “big picture” view of  the Internet marketing solutions that will benefit your company. We will analyse your business against the services we provide and provide you with a plan with short, medium and long term strategies.  We will also take your budget into account during this phase.

  • Build

    The Build phase is where we update your existing online assets  or create new online profiles to establish an effective Internet presence for your company.

  • Implement

    The Final testing of your online profiles will be done with your team to ensure everything meets your expectations.

  • Measure

    Once your online  presence is created, the next steps will be to measure the success and make changes where required.

  • Manage Results

    Ongoing support program to manage your company’s online profiles and to provide you with details on the online traffic and leads received.

  • Please contact us for more information about how the WSI Lifecycle process can take your company to new heights. Our digital marketing tactics have proven successful and we look forward to hearing from you.