Have you launched an inbound marketing campaign? Make sure you are avoiding these inbound marketing mistakes: 

Not paying attention to keywords

Google’s content penalties mean that keyword stuffing no longer works, but this doesn’t mean that keywords no longer matter. If you are going to the effort of creating high quality, engaging content, then you should also be spending a bit of time on keyword research to make sure you are optimizing your content for the right keywords.

Not spending enough time on content creation

Creating content takes a lot of effort. Whether you’re making infographics, producing white papers, drawing up case studies or guest posting on relevant industry blogs, this can take many hours. If digital marketing isn’t your core function, it’s a good idea to find out where you can outsource certain parts of the process. You might already have content available within your business that just needs to be edited or reproduced to create compelling content that will add real value to your inbound marketing campaign.

Forgetting the call to actions

Producing great content and distributing it on the right online channels is a start, but don’t forget the calls to action. If you’re offering a free downloadable white paper on your website, ask the person for their e-mail address so that they can sign up to join your newsletter list. If you are hosting a webinar, ask people if they are comfortable receiving more content from you in the future. Inbound marketing means you need to focus on cultivating relationships with your customers, so make sure you have laid the foundations for future engagements.

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