Link building is one of the most powerful tools for boosting your search engine rankings. While increasing the number of backlinks that you earn is beneficial to boosting your authority, it’s important to keep in mind that quantity doesn’t always equal quality.

Recent Google updates has shown that link building has evolved and that the best way to go about any link building strategy is to focus on earning natural links. A few quality links from credible websites is worth a lot more than many links from link farms or spam websites.

Content creation plays a major role in link building. By generating interesting, unique and engaging content, you will be able to significantly boost your SEO efforts and link building strategies. Content can take on many forms, for example infographics, videos, images, articles, blog posts, white papers and PDF guides. By creating different types of content, you can engage your target audience and address their needs across multiple platforms.

Some other link building strategies that you can investigate include the following:

  • Guest posting: Find the top sites in your industry and ask if you can contribute a guest post to their site or blog. Focusing on writing helpful information that will help your target audience solve a problem. Ask the site for a back link to your own website at the bottom of the post.
  • Fix broken links: If any of the links on your site lead to an “HTTP Error 404” or “404 Not Found” message, then focus on fixing these links so that none of your links lead to non-working pages.

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