Digital marketing solutions such as lead automation and email marketing is transforming the landscape for insurance companies, its customers and its agents. In the past, insurance companies could launch generalized marketing campaigns to the masses and wait for leads to roll in. Today, buyers are more informed and the buyer journey is more dynamic than ever before.

Potential buyers are using multiple devices and channels to research their options. There is already an abundance of information about insurance policies but very little focus on nurturing leads online. A few years ago, Gartner published a study where it was estimated that insurance companies who don’t offer online and mobile communication and transactions will lose ¼ of their market share, which shows just how important digital and automated lead nurturing has become.

The number of channels and touchpoints available has led to customers expecting to interact with their insurance company or agent through multiple channels at various times. Communication has become increasingly fragmented, which is why automated lead nurturing is vital to boost insurance sales cycles.

As an insurance company or agent, you need to focus on creating the right type of content so that you can connect with customers at different stages throughout the sales funnel. In order to generate the right type of content, you need to consider where the potential client is in their sales journey. If they are asking a question about an existing policy, for example, they would need different types of content to continue to the next phase of the sales journey. If they are looking for financial advice or researching different types of insurance, then other types of content will be needed.

By capturing behavioral data, insurers can better target customers and make adjustments to their marketing strategy all based on customer responsiveness and feedback. Need more information about our digital marketing services? Then contact us today.