Let us first identify exactly what community management services are:

What it’s not about: anything related to homeowners’ associations, or estate agents, or service delivery.

What it is about: the practice of developing, structuring, and guiding an online community by maintaining social media marketing campaigns, cultivating a content marketing strategy, producing and administering social media content, link building for search engine optimisation, managing social listening and reporting, and analysing the data to provide better SEO input.

Listed as they are above, the responsibilities of a community manager seem rather daunting. This is where hiring a community management service steps in. Here is a breakdown of what we can do for you:

Expertise in keeping current with the latest trends and changes on social networks and in the digital industry in order to keep you ahead of the curve. On top of that, expertise in researching, sourcing, and analysing developments within your industry is part of the package.

Communication is a pivotal role in social media community management. As inbound marketing is so widespread, it is essential to be able to:

  • Create relevant ad engaging content and then adapt it for each social network.
  • Communicate with people in different buying stages.
  • Understand and be able to address any queries or comments from the audience.
  • Respond to customer problems effectively, and
  • use these exchanges to leverage happy customer messages in order to draw attention to your customer service as a company differentiator.
  • Grow a social following by helping your brand’s community interact with each other. This is fostered by acting as a facilitator who asks thought-provoking questions, and enforces community guidelines.

Analysis of the results of your social media presence leads to actionable insights which drives better performance. Testing and measuring is an often neglected, but intrinsic aspect of community management.

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