The answer is simply: to make mega bucks. That is the reason any business exists. Which is why digital marketing is so appealing – it offers great bang for your buck. Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 3800% return on investment of R38 for every R1 spent.

Let’s break it down

To bring in profits, sales need to go up. The beauty of an email marketing strategy is that you can use it to send your content marketing to people who want to hear from you. Using the “jab, jab, hook” principle of sharing valuable information with your readers a few times until they are aching to do business with you; and then ask for the sale.

  1. Genuine care for your prospects and customers ensures that you are sharing content with then that they want to hear – not just what you want to tell them. As far back as the 1088’s, Teddy Roosevelt knew that, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.
  2. Write to your best customer. Image him or her in front of you as you create your content, or design a customer avatar. This helps to give your communication a warm, personalised feel. (Read the quote above again!)
  3. Manage your list meticulously. Analyse who is opening and engaging versus who is not. Consider segmenting your list for more relevant content. Ensure that the expectations set in your subscription form are being met. There is no point having a hundred new sign ups a day, if a hundred are also unsubscribing each day. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to your mailing list.
  4. Fine tune your campaigns. Check the engagement of your emails to determine the ideal content, subject line style, and frequency. By analysing these results, you can quickly correct your campaign course.

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