The Internet continues to grow and provide exciting opportunities to businesses all over the world. Africa has not been left behind, as countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, as well as Zimbabwe, are making strides in online marketing. More people are using the Internet for research, getting in touch with friends and family and most importantly growing their businesses.

With the high intake of online shopping in Zimbabwe now is the time to leverage social media through social media marketing.

It gets even better in online marketing circles with notable Zimbabwe’s Ecommerce websites such as 10ngah, Econet’s Ecoshopper, amongst others, raking in the numbers and turning these into profits. Still think this is all hype? Well, consider the investment avalanche going on in Zimbabwe, especially the coming of PayPal, which is the leading online payment platform.

With the coming of secure payment systems, it is now more worthwhile to invest in E-commerce than ever before. Other than PayPal, you have EcoCash debit card, Telecash, ZimSwitch, to mention but a few.

Do you think it is worth to invest in the country’s budding online commerce platform? If you are a suave entrepreneur, this is the apt chance to make it big. According to Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz), there was an increase of 16.3% in mobile money services, which is a big indicator that the contemporary consumer is accepting change.

The latest data from the World Bank also removes the country from the devastating rating it was getting a few years back. This means consumers have more money to spend and with deals and bargains being found online, they are ready to jump at such offers.

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