Have you ever wished that you could communicate instantly and privately with one person or many? Twitter added Direct Messages to its range for just that purpose. The benefits of Direct Messages as stated by Twitter include the ability to:

  • “Share Tweets – Spark conversations and support your points of view by sharing Tweets from your timeline, even if they’re from people who aren’t part of the Direct Message.
  • Be direct – Have a private conversation with anyone on Twitter, even a friend of a friend. Direct messages can only be seen between the people included.
  • Grow the group – Add up to 50 people to a Direct Message at any time. They’ll get a notification that they’ve been included.”

Let’s chat in private

Ever since businesses started to embrace social media marketing, Twitter has been a part of their social media marketing strategy. The drawback is that whenever an angry customer has a bone to pick with an establishment, the exchanges are broadcast for all to see.

Twitter sees Direct Messages as a social media tool to satisfy both the public and the brand. Customer service interactions may start as regular Tweets, but once any personal information is required from the customer, a private conversation is vital. Organisations use Twitter to build relationships with their customers. By adding a deep link to their Tweets that automatically displays a call to action button, customers are encouraged to send a Direct Message when they need help.

To implement Direct Message deep links, follow these steps:

Go to your Twitter account “Settings”.

Select “Security” and “Privacy then Privacy”. Check “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone.”

Include a link in your Tweets using the following format:
https://twitter.com/messages/compose?recipient_id={your account’s numeric user ID – which is located right below your @username in Settings.}

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