If you want to measure how effective your online marketing campaign is, discover the power of these five tools. After learning how each tool works, you can consider changing your web design or overhaul your marketing strategies altogether.

  1. Pingdom Tools

These tools track the entire history of your digital media performance. They combine the use of PageSpeed Insights and YSlow while grading your website out of a hundred. At the end of the evaluation, Pingdom Tools displays your performance grade, history, page analysis, and waterfall intuitively.

  1. WebSite Pulse

All businesses, marketing agencies and other companies that use social networks should invest in this tool. It provides monitoring and evaluation services of your website, e-mail system, server, application and in-browser.

  1. Webpage Analyser

Just like many other tools for evaluating, this is a free tool that gives the download time, composition as well as page size of your web pages. One advantage here is that the results will give you recommendations on how you can improve the speed of your website pages.

  1. WebPagetest

Armed with multiple facets, this tool gives you intuitive screenshots of your web pages’ performance. It allows you to compare multiple URLs while representing varying elements with varying colors.

  1. YSlow

Based on the rules of Yahoo! for high performance, this tool suggests why your web pages are slow. In addition, it gives you various tools for analyzing performance. You can gain access to it easily as a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.


A study reveals that close to 10% of potential online clients abandon their purchases midway due to slow web pages. More worryingly, 75% of website visitors opt to look at competitors’ sites, thanks to delays at peak hours. The same percentages leave in less than 5 seconds.

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