Google has recently added yet another offering to its diverse selection of content marketing tools: Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP). Using the same interface as AdWords, GSP allows businesses to develop email marketing that can target thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of potential customers by placing ads right inside their Gmail inboxes!

GSP is a fantastic link building tool because it lets you get really clever when it comes to developing strategies that build on your SEO and social media marketing to add immense value to your current email marketing strategy.

How does it work?

Google Sponsored Promotions appear as ads just above the first items in a Gmail user’s inbox. They appear as text that, when expanded, show a full advert.

Why is GSP so exciting?

The obvious reason to use GSP is because ads appear in the inbox, allowing you to engage with potential customers without them coming to you. Even better are the strategies you can use:

  • GSP allows you to bid on your competitors’ domains by uploading them into the keywords section. This means that your ads will appear to those who are receiving e-mails from your competitors.
  • You can target domains with a similar audience to you, but who are not necessarily competitors. (For example, if you sell fishing accessories, target the domains of fishing magazines as you would likely both have the same target market).
  • Another strategy recently developed by Google is Customer Match, which can be used for Gmail ads. Using Customer Match, you can make your ads appear in the inbox not as adverts but as actual emails.

How do I set up a GSP campaign?

Log into Google Adwords, and select ‘campaigns’ then ‘display network only’. The tools and setting here will allow you to set up your campaign and devise a targeting and bidding strategy.

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