digital marketing

The insurance industry is finding it harder and harder to get new business, with the increase in legislation and the protracted steps and approvals now needed. Business owners and managers are turning to the internet to try and make sense of the onslaught of insurance regulations, so it’s a good move to position your insurance agency where your prospects are looking.

Here are five digital strategies to increase your visibility:

  1. Start an inbound marketing programme. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see the results. It takes time to get results from an inbound strategy, as you need to show Google you are producing content relevant to keywords that your potential clients are using to find you. Keep producing relevant content that will answer your potential clients’ questions, so you don’t lose leads to your competitors.
  2. Start blogging. This is the best way to increase your website traffic and establish a robust domain authority. Statistics show that companies that post blogs 15 or more times a month get five times more traffic that companies that don’t blog. Use customer questions to inspire content and make sure your content is optimised for the keyword phrases you are targeting. If you can’t write blogs or don’t have the time, outsource it a marketing consultant.
  3. Create a premium content offer and run a campaign around it. Offering an eBook or video is a great way to generate leads. Place the offering behind a landing page that captures contact information in exchange for the download. Promote the offer in your blogs by placing call-to-actions within your blogs that link to the landing page. Use your social media channels to promote the offering too.
  4. Find new clients on social media. Look for the social media channels your prospective clients are spending their time on and develop a presence. It’s safe to assume B2B prospects are on LinkedIn, but a lot of B2B buyers are on Facebook as well. Twitter can yield surprisingly good leads.
  5. Use email marketing to nurture leads. Since most visitors to your site are not ready to buy immediately, you need to educate them and provide them with useful information. Once a visitor has become a lead by downloading your premium offer, use email marketing to engage with them as they move through their buying process. Make sure your email recipients have opted in to receive your mails, or you may end up spamming them and losing them altogether.

Generating leads can be complicated, so let WSI assist your business

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