People buy from people. This was true years ago before internet marketing and social media existed, but it’s even truer today. In order to sell online, you need to humanise your brand.

Your customers are real people and the people who work for you are also human, so don’t resort to techno-speak and digital communication for the masses. Here are a few ways to make your brand more human:

Get your employees blogging

If you’ve got someone running your PR or marketing campaigns, things can become dull. Showcase the people behind your brand by getting your employees to contribute to your content marketing campaigns through blogs. If you’ve got a product developer, for example, ask him or her to create a blog about your business’ strategy regarding new product developments.

Create videos

Customers often don’t get to meet the person who founded the business or who runs the customer call centre, for example. Create a YouTube channel and upload videos of yourself presenting at conferences, doing an elevator pitch, or the people behind your various departments.

Have a personality on social media

Social media for B2B businesses can be tricky. If you’re using social media, make sure your corporate profiles have a personality. Respond to questions and online engagements, comment on your followers’ posts and be approachable.

Speak in your customer’s language

If you’re marketing to various African target audiences, speak in their language. Besides tailoring your digital strategies to the various African languages, make sure you’re using your target audience’s lingo in order to be more personal and human.

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