In this age of social media at every turn, you will be surprised to know that good old fashioned email marketing still comes out on top as the best digital way to market your brand and gain more customers. But how do you create a good email marketing campaign? Here are four must-haves that you simply cannot ignore.

  1. You need great content
    Millions, if not billions are being sent and received every day. This includes the millions of marketing mailers and other “junk mail” that your average email user receives. Your email needs to stand out from the crowd by having content that people are interesting in and that they can actually use.
  2. You therefore need good writers
    Whether you outsource them or do it yourself (but who has the time?) you need writers who are going to create the content for you. It needs to be well-written, entertaining or helpful, and must not have grammatical errors (this just makes your brand look bad!)
  3. You have to have an email marketing strategy
    You can’t just send out the odd mailer and pray it turns into a sale one day. Your email marketing must form part of a larger digital strategy, creating content that brings people to your site and keeps them there.
  4. You need a sign-up form
    You cannot send mailers out to people unless they opt-in to receive them. You therefore absolutely have to have some way for people to give you their address. You do this by having sign-up forms on your website and on social media sites. By getting people to sign up themselves, you are also offering them the first step in a trusting relationship between a brand and a customer. This leads to customer loyalty.

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