Do you own a business in Zimbabwe? Are you in the marketing industry? If you own a business or dabble in marketing in this rising economy, you should brace yourself for the mobile storm heading your way.

The latest figures show that mobile penetration in the country is up to 87%. This is based on the 11.4 million active SIM cards in the country and not the number of mobile phones owned by individuals. The total number of individuals who own a mobile phone is equivalent to the number of people aged 15 and above within the country i.e. 7.7 million.

These figures are set to grow in the next few years. The question is, are you ready for mobile?

Actionable marketing tips

The explosion in the use of mobile devices means you need to reassess your marketing strategies. If you want to ensure your business or marketing campaign remains visible, you need to invest more resources for mobile.

  1. Redesign for mobile

Rethink your design and make it mobile friendly. This goes for website design as well as email campaigns. Make emails easier to retrieve and view on mobile. Ensure your website is responsive and can be viewed comfortably on devices with different screen sizes.

  1. The power of social media

Invest more in social media marketing and take advantage of social media networks and their strong presence on mobile. Use their mobile platforms to reach your target audience.

  1. Leverage the unique capabilities of mobile

Mobile phone marketing can take your digital marketing strategy a step further by making use of its unique technology. Including ‘Tap to Call’ buttons, makes it easier for interested people to get in touch with you. Including interactive and personal media, such as vibrations and sounds, make the user experience more exciting.

  1. Mobile app

Do you want to build loyalty? The mobile app is the best way to do it. Design and develop an app based on your target market’s preferences.

One thing for sure is that mobile marketing is the next step in digital marketing and is crucial for any enterprise seeking to be successful in Zimbabwe.

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