Twitter is one of the most useful digital marketing places to achieve your marketing goals, yet it is so often underutilised. Twitter’s link-building ability greatly improves your SEO.

In this handy guide, our digital marketing consultants have broken Twitter down to its various parts to make better sense of this powerful tool in your social media marketing strategy toolbox:

Your Twitter Profile

Here, tell users the story of your business using these tools:

Profile picture – select one that best captures the face of your business.

Summary – draw on your content marketing to describe your business, products and services in a clear, informative way.

Contact – get found by including your location and your website details.

Background – don’t underestimate the relevance of this eye-catching area to assist your digital marketing strategy.

The Twitter Homepage

Use the Twitter homepage to:

Connect – see all the interactions involving you, from tweets in which you are mentioned to who has started to follow you.

Discover – keep your finger on the pulse by discovering what topics people are talking about, and what’s trending in the world right now.

Timeline – read tweets from the people you are following (in the order they were posted)

Who to follow – based on who you already follow, Twitter makes suggestions on other users you may want to follow.

Compose tweet – You have 140 characters available… ready, steady, go!

The tweet sweet-spot

While there are twitterings that a new limit of 10,000 characters may be introduced, the current limit is 140 characters to share your message. This means that your content needs to be meaningful, yet succinct.

Here are some guidelines to making those 140 character count:

  • Use an informal, friendly tone – as if you were having a conversation with your followers.
  • Find your tribe by tweeting a few times a day to start, and then build on that once you have discovered what your followers are most likely to respond to.
  • To create shareable tweets, solve a problem, entertain, or inspire your audience.
  • Links, videos, and quotes are the most retweeted content.
  • Add a meaningful graphic to your online advertising tweet to increase your retweets.
  • Using only 100 characters plus a shortened link gives your followers the chance to retweet (RT=) and add their own comments.

Customer relations Twitter style

Twitter allows you to build stronger relationships with your followers and turn them into loyal customers. Because your followers represent some of your most attentive customers, it is essential to treat them accordingly:

  • Reply to, favourite, and retweet positive messages and remember to thank those who are singing (like a bird) your praises.
  • Quickly address serious tweets about your business.
  • Negative feedback can transform a dissatisfied customer into a fan if handled correctly.
  • Get inventive and engage your fans online and offline – some businesses have a tablet in reception for comments and complaints; invite customers to “tweet a coffee” so it’s waiting for them when they arrive at their appointment; add @usernames to your documentation to encourage customers’ engagement.

For more information on using Twitter to boost your business, contact us today.