Marketing remains one of the most essential aspects of any business regardless of size or age within the market environment. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Zimbabwe are not an exception and active marketing strategies form the lifeline of any particular brand. In the current age of digital media and online platforms, an enterprise needs to take advantage of these technologies to enhance their marketing.

SMEs and Social Media Marketing

Zimbabwe has many upcoming and competitive businesses which compete for the same customer base. Therefore, the country’s businesses need to embrace digital marketing to enhance brand exposure via social networks and social networking. This is known as social media marketing.

Zimbabwean companies can benefit from social media marketing through the following main approaches:

  • Advertisements
  • Brand management
  • Market development
  • Customer service

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Zimbabwean companies should ensure a constant and timely social media interaction in their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This enhances continuous interaction with their customers. World-renowned brands have increased focus on customer experience and service on social media through offering essential information such as open times and product varieties.

The online customer base is said to be the most useful marketing tool through the comments and reactions of clients concerning the business. On Facebook, one will find that many customers often compliment a certain product item which subsequently attracts other customers to order the said item. The more the frequency of clients talking, or in this case ‘chatting’, about a company in a positive way, the higher its sales volumes.

Social media marketing tools such as Facebook and Twitter pages give a whole lot of essential business information which offers great customer experience and attracts new customers to the enterprise. Potential and existing customers can know an enterprise’s products, level of service, personal customer experiences, opening and closing hours, offers as well as trending news.

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