Ecommerce can be very lucrative if you’re willing to continuously innovate and find new ways to make money. Here are a few things you can do to grow your ecommerce business in Zimbabwe this year: 

Sell on other sites

Having your own ecommerce website is great, but all your efforts are going to be focused on bringing traffic to your website. Make use of popular websites such as eBay or BidorBuy (or other popular auction websites in neighbouring African countries) by listing your products on these sites. They’ve already got thousands of visitors each month, so you will be diversifying your customer base by becoming on online seller here. Make sure you account for shipping fees and also be sure to refer people back to your own website if you use these websites.

Use email marketing

Many of your website visitors will stumble upon your website when searching for products they are interested in, but how do you get them to come back again? Email marketing is the ideal way to stay connected with these buyers. Make sure you send them personalised content (for example, if they bought camping gear from you in the past, send them an email with links to other outdoor products). 

Build an affiliate marketing programme

If you can afford to give someone a small chunk of your profit, consider building an affiliate programme so that you can get other people to market on your behalf and make use of existing large mailing lists, for example.

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