If you’re launching a new website, you know how stressful the entire experience can be. With all the different components that make up a great website, you cannot afford to let yourself down with silly landing page errors. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can test your landing page in order to be sure that everything is in place for the launch of your company website.

Landing pages have two major functions. They need to inform visitors on the specific services offered by the company, as well as tell visitors what they can gain from doing business and partnering with the company. The general rule is that a website has 4 seconds to get a person’s attention, so test your web page using these tips and you are sure to succeed.

5 Ways to test a landing page

  • Outsider perspective. The best way to ensure your landing page fulfils all its requirements is to get a fresh pair of eyes to look at it. Get the outsider to evaluate the message and determine whether or not the services and benefits are clear.
  • Make sure your page is not too crowded and cluttered and trying to say too much. Check that all your buttons, icons, pictures and infographics are simple to use and understand. Also consider the design and colour of these elements as this will influence the overall response to your page.
  • Listen to your audience. Ask your users what elements are distracting and unnecessary and try removing them to see if it makes a difference. Also try long copy vs. short copy when it comes to your content and see what people respond to. All landing page elements should ultimately support the Call to action.
  • Form length. Try and minimise the amount of information your visitors need to fill in. Running an ABCDE test with varying amounts of data gathering will offer valuable insight into what you can abandon when weighted against the amount of data collected.
  • Headlines and hero shots. Try variations of these two elements and monitor your responses. A hero shot should be an image that shows your product or service in context and the headline should sum up your core value proposition.

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