There has been a lot of talk about the use of social media in the real estate business and whether or not it works. The truth of the matter is that it works exceptionally well, but only when applied the right way. Say you are a real estate agent and you want to use social media marketing to get customers for your houses to rent or properties for sale in Zimbabwe. The first thing you should do is set up a Facebook page for it.

However, do not use your personal Facebook account. That’s the wrong way. You have to look professional if you want social media marketing to work for your business. In any case, opening a Facebook page for your real estate enterprise gives you access to numerous essential business features that will enhance your social presence.

Once you have the page setup, you will have to follow certain ways to post information otherwise you risk ending up with redundant posts that do nothing for your enterprise. Post intensely about your region and market your neighborhood to prospective residents. Let your knowledge and passion for your area show in each of your updates and include interesting pictures and photos of the area. The use of images in digital marketing makes it easier for people to share with friends and family, and hence widen your reach.

When using social media to sell real estate, you have to remain target specific, you cannot aim to market a house for sale in Zimbabwe to people in, say, Nigeria. Targeting people in and around your geographical area is the right thing to do. Make sure to use geo-targeted ads to make your posts visible for people in your area or target market.

That’s how you use social media the right way.

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