Laptop-graph isolated on black

Laptop-graph isolated on black

MLM, also known as Multi-Level Marketing or network marketing, is a marketing strategy which enables salespeople to generate income from sales that other salespeople they recruit generate. In Zimbabwe, this type of strategy has become popular among people who either want to earn a second source of income or those who are trying to launch a new business.

As many salespeople and business owners know, the majority of sales are still made with face-to-face and personal interactions. Many products are sold online and Zimbabweans are increasingly using the internet to research businesses or products they’re interested in, so it’s worth your while to combine the best of both worlds and create an online presence as well as a website that can support your MLM aspirations.

Whether you’re considering an MLM strategy as a second income source or you want to boost your MLM strategy’s results, here are a few online marketing tips from the pros at WSI Zimbabwe:

Participate in online forums

As mentioned above, many people research salespeople and business owners online before deciding to do business with the person. Make sure the internet is a testament to your thought leadership in your industry by participating in online forums that are relevant in your market. Be helpful and try to provide interesting advice and information.

Invest in a website and social media profiles

A website and social media is where you can broadcast information that will help your business, interact with your existing client base and reach out to potential colleagues and clients. Get proactive and create a content calendar so that you are regularly posting unique content to these platforms.

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