New website design can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to SEO. Search engine optimisation is designed to boost your website’s ranking in a search engine result, but what guarantee do you have that your new website design will earn you a fair placement? Below are a few SEO tips for designing and launching a new website for your business:

  • Install Google Analytics – this will help you to track how many visitors have been to your website, where they came from and what they did while browsing your site.
  • Test, test, test. Nothing is worse than visiting a new website only to find some of the important features don’t work or the links are dead. Search engines also frown on this type of website. Make sure your website is in excellent working order before you launch it.
  • Get social about it – SEO is not all about keywords. You can also boost your online visibility and search engine rankings by ensuring your website is listed and easily found on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and similar. The more social media sites you are on, the better for your SEO results.
  • Create and submit a sitemap – sitemaps are designed to help search engines discover all the content that is hosted on your website. Without it, some of your valuable content could be overlooked and not indexed.
  • Blog commenting – the more your online profile and website is seen active online, the better for its visibility. Comment on blog posts and articles, but keep your comments valuable, not spammy.

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