Opposites attract – digital marketing & local events

A traditional local event and your digital marketing strategy may seem like chalk and cheese, but they work incredibly well together. By bridging both worlds, the marketing opportunities soar. It’s also a great way to avoid putting all your marketing eggs in one basket.

How does it work?

Local events are a superb way to increase your offline visibility while increasing your website’s organic rankings through high quality link building.

When attending, or even hosting a local event, your business name, address, and phone number will be listed on a high quality locally relevant site which shows search engines your business is locally relevant and thereby increases your SEO.

If you are hosting an event, you can list it with online advertising on a website that posts information about local events, which allows you to link back to your event detail page. Use buzz-inducing content to grab your prospects’ attention. You can also employ PPC adverts to increase awareness of the event.

Create an event #hashtag, and use it on all your marketing promotions related to the event – both online and offline. Get people to use social media channels and tag your presence at the event through Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Encourage attendees to take photos, use your event hashtag, and check in. If they like your contribution to the event, ask them to give you a positive review. Create a sense of community on social platforms.

Before you get carried away

Beware of getting overwhelmed by the link building aspects of attending an event. Remember that the main aim of the event is exposure in all forms; and that the majority of the value from attending events must come from the event itself.

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