E-commerce websites are often tricky for digital marketers. More often than not, these websites have numerous product pages, a less-than-ideal linking and category/sub-category strategies and lots of duplicated content, making SEO difficult.

The point of any ecommerce website is to sell products online, so it’s worth your while to invest in the advice of an experienced digital marketing consultant. Here are a few tips from WSI Zimbabwe to boost the SEO of your ecommerce site:

Plan the website navigation

One of the reasons why SEO of an ecommerce website is tough is often because the website was built long ago. Product catalogue updates, new brochures and products get added to the website in a haphazard fashion, which can really mess up a navigation strategy. If the website isn’t easy to navigate for a new visitor, then you know you’re getting it wrong. Plan the website navigation so that the product categories and sub categories are easy to browse through. You want to make buying from you as easy and simple as possible.

Get rid of duplicate content

If you’re selling many similar products from established brands, it’s possible you have a lot of duplicated content on your website. Contract an internet marketing consultancy that specialises in content marketing so that a professional SEO copywriter can rewrite all the meta tags, descriptions and product pages to ensure unique content is on each page.

Also invest in keyword research so that the keywords people are actually looking for online appear on your pages. For example, if you’re selling energy efficient lightbulbs, you might find phrases such as ‘rechargeable lights’ and ‘LED light bulbs’ are popular search terms. These keyword phrases can be incorporated in your content pages for SEO purposes.

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