One of the main goals of digital marketing is getting search engine users to find your content and engage with you online. Inbound marketing should be a huge part of your hospitality business’ digital marketing strategy. Here are a few reasons why starting a travel blog is a great idea for your company:

Target more potential clients 

When you start a travel blog, you can write about things that aren’t directly related to your hospitality business in order to attract more website visitors. Is there a popular tourist attraction in your location? A vibey restaurant or some great lookout locations? Then write posts about these topics because this is what your potential guests or customers are looking for online. You could write about the tourist attraction and mention that you offer a great hotel, bed and breakfast, or other facility they could visit during their stay in your location.

Boost your engagement 

Whether you’re writing about travel tips, providing information about your city or giving advice on how to book a successful trip, blog posts are a great way to boost your level of engagement with your customers and potential customers. Get instant feedback from people and show you are open and willing to engage online.

Target events in your area

If there’s a conference, festival or event in your area, you can use your travel blog to write and provide information about the event. This will lead people to consider your business when they are in the area for the event.

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