Are you launching an ecommerce website? Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when setting up your website:

Plan your website navigation carefully

This is applicable to any type of website but even more so when designing ecommerce websites: there should never be a dead end. Each and every path that a website visitor follows on your website should lead them to appropriate product and buy now pages. You should also have calls to action so that website visitors can continue browsing or continue shopping after a purchase.

Relevant up-selling opportunities

Make use of cookies to show a website visitors any products that they viewed during their last visit. If they were looking at tents, for example, make sure that camping equipment shows up on their screens. This type of tailored, intuitive website navigation can help you sell more and it also gives website visitors the personal experience that they want from an ecommerce website where they are willing to spend money.

Focus on developing a solid reputation

Building a successful ecommerce website and brand relies on having a good reputation. Make it easy and safe for clients to pay, make sure you have great customer service and that returns/deliveries are handled promptly and quickly. Include testimonials from happy clients on your website and focus on creating a good customer experience for your clients. 

Create focused content and landing pages

Any ecommerce website will be targeting a few different audiences. Make sure you are speaking to the needs of each audience with relevant website copy pages and landing pages with tailored content for each group of potential clients.

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