There is no denying the power of social media for your business, with some businesses finding more success using these platforms than any other traditional mediums. The real estate industry is one of those perfectly suited to social media, since the renting, purchasing and selling of property can be quite an emotional process for some. Social media provides a way to connect with your local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts, since it provides trust and word of mouth marketing.

People value the opinion of their peer group, which is one of the biggest successes of social media. In an online world with so much choice and potential fraud, a shared source, article, blog post or recommendation can go a long way to reassure site visitors.

More than 1 billion people in the world are on Facebook, while Twitter recently surpassed 400 million accounts. LinkedIn boasts over 200 million users. With these kinds of numbers, it’s crazy for realtors not to take advantage of these trends, by using social networks to promote themselves and broadcast their messages.

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are three of the easiest ways to use social media to market your real estate business. Let’s look at how you can use these platforms effectively.

Setting up a Facebook page is simple and it’s worth the effort. Don’t use your personal page as it lacks professionalism and you will also miss out on a lot of essential business features, like Facebook contests and Facebook insights. Use your page to engage with your clients:

  • Post about your neighbourhood – you can show off your listings, but also show your passion and knowledge of the area.
  • Use images – this is the most engaging sort of content on Facebook. People are more likely to share and comment on your posts.
  • Post about events happening, invite your fans to join you, ask questions on how they enjoyed an event. This will spark a conversation.
  • Engage with contests – the Facebook contests and sweepstakes provide an excellent way to engage and have fun with your clients, promoting yourself as a realtor who cares and wants to develop relationships with your clients.
  • Post your listings – but remember the golden rule of social media: 80/20. Post 80% of your content about lifestyles, trends, client interests etc. and 20% of content about yourself and your product or service. Using your page to exclusively post listings will lose interest quickly.
  • Use geo-targeted ads – this is a big advantage of Facebook, allowing you to use promoted posts seen by Facebookers in your geographical target market.

Twitter is another awesome way to connect with your clients. It gives you 140 characters (or less) to update your followers and will help you to engage and strengthen your client relationships. Create a Twitter handle and use similar content strategy as for Facebook:

  • Tweet tips about staging a home for better sales and advice on moving, even promoting local moving companies that you know are reputable.
  • Tweet local news – events happening in the area, a new school or community hall; this shows how well you know the area and builds confidence in your ability as a realtor.
  • Tweet questions – start a conversation by posing questions to your followers, like How often do you renovate your home? #newhome #renovations
  • Use hashtags – on Twitter, using hashtags gets your Tweets seen by more than just your followers, when someone does a Twitter search for them.
  • Use @mentions – Twitter allows you to send tweets to specific people, so you can use these to congratulate a new home owner.
  • Use contests, sweepstakes and group offers – like on Facebook, you can create more engagement. You could offer a free dinner for a photo contest, or a gift voucher for an essay contest.
  • Tweet about your listings – but again, use the 80/20 rule. Intersperse your content with real estate listings and include images and videos.

Pinterest is another amazing way to show off your listing visuals. As the fourth largest social site, Pinterest allows you to set up boards, pin images and engage by repinning, liking and commenting. The best way to use it is to:

  • Set up a board of your neighbourhood – show the shops, services and amenities available in your listings area.
  • Set up boards about your lifestyle – showing a bit about who you are, your likes and interests, sports, pastimes will make you more ‘real’ to your clients
  • Set up boards about home décor – beautiful inspirational images will appeal to your followers. You can link images to how-to sites as well.
  • Set up a board of your listings – make sure your listings board is located within the above.
  • Use hashtags – like on Twitter and Facebook, hashtags help you to connect with your market and extend your reach beyond your followers.
  • Cross-promote with a Facebook Pinterest tab – this will expand your social reach.

There are other platforms that you can use effectively, like LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs. It is essential to have a strategy for your social marketing, so your efforts are not haphazard or diluted. Social media can be used very cleverly, but it does take a great deal of effort and commitment.

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