Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the online practice of developing your website to ensure you are visible in the free listings found in search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The main purpose is to increase the amount of traffic or visitors to your site. This traffic is known as organic or editorial – as opposed to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that you pay for. The better your SEO, the sooner your customers will find you when doing an online search. The search engines choose the most relevant content matching the people’s questions, so the way you create, manage and maintain your content is important to your website’s traffic and the success of your business.

This is accomplished by creating content, links and other such methods to increase the location in the search engine ranking. Attaining a first page search engine ranking is highly valuable because it means that more people will see the website when conducting a search. The majority of people will not look beyond the first page of results making this first page status all the more coveted.

So how does one achieve first page rankings? One of the ways is by using SEO content, meaning the content that you create for your website is created with the search engine algorithms in mind – targeted keywords and trending topics capture this attention. When creating content, you need to understand the concerns and interests of your potential customers and create content to address those topics. It’s also important to communicate your content in a language understood by your customers, whether that be formal, academic or colloquial.

By providing value to customers and potential customers, you will build up high quality references via links and social mentions that can boost your reputation and ranking. Create social media pages for your business and post articles that your customers will find useful. Be active on the platforms, commenting and sharing, as well as responding to comments on your pages.

Should you do SEO yourself, or call in a professional? It’s worth using the services of a professional company for your business’ SEO, unless you have the knowledge and considerable time it takes. It is worth doing a bit of research on companies offering SEO, as they may not all use ethical and Google-approved methods of ranking.

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We live in a very competitive world and SEO supports your ability to communicate your products, services or offerings to the public. Ensure you are doing the very best you can to get your business noticed.