Wondering what to expect in the field of social media marketing? In order to stay ahead of the game, you need to know what’s going to happen in the world of digital marketing in the not-so-distant future.

The bottom line about upcoming trends in social media marketing is that business content needs to be informative as well as entertaining. Content and content marketing will become even more important than what it is now. We will be looking at a digital marketing age where words become currency.

5 Social media marketing predictions

  • Brands as publishers. In 2015, the notion of brands being publishers will be taken and pushed a little bit further. The focus will shift to empathy and customer experience and relevance will be of utmost importance. New inspiration will replace the old methods of “tried and true” and aim to create content that customers will be grateful for.
  • Augmented reality. In 2015, we will be looking at a world where the internet surrounds us even more than it does now thanks to augmented reality and wearable technology. This means that focus will shift to content consumption and highlight the importance of math, testing and optimisation.
  • Highly fragmented marketing channels. Marketers will be required to tailor different formats of content over an even wider variety of social media platforms in order to reach their target audience. This will require marketers to think carefully about investment and allocation of resources when it comes to digital marketing in all forms.
  • Selling is overlooked. The word ‘marketing’ does lend itself to selling, and a little bit of selling here and there is fine, but in 2015, marketers are going to have to truly begin to care and deliver an empathetic experience to their customers in order to gain their trust and loyalty. The focus of social media marketing will have to shift to answering the more difficult questions and adding more value online.
  • Increase in web sales. Due to the above mentioned changes being observed, it is predicted that at least 50% of web sales will occur over social media- specifically Facebook.

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