So, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reckons there are around three billion internet users, but should that excite you as a travel and industry entrepreneur? If you are Zimbabwean, this is one great piece of information. According to United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), this industry will contribute over 15% of the GDP.

Information about your company such as maps and contact information, can enhance tourist numbers. Social media marketing has the potential to bring in thousands of tourists into the country if properly leveraged.

But that is not all, online marketing for your business, be it a hotel, travel agency, luxury travel business or any other area, helps you reach a broader market all over the globe. With the use of digital media on your social platforms, you can create a virtual experience of what your customers will enjoy once in the country.

But there is a catch, while Zimbabwe leads in using social media in Africa, in this sector, the key parameters in measuring ROI are unclear. For instance, you have to determine the cost per lead, customer value, traffic to lead ratio, lead to customer ratio and conversion rates as opposed to just the sales revenue and tourist numbers.

WSI appreciates that measuring success of your social media campaign can get subjective and it is for this reason we offer specialised skills to track the entire marketing process and provide concrete results.

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