Marketing your tourism business can be tough. Not only are the digital campaigns often expensive, but you need to show how you are making a difference to your bottom line. Here are a few tips for managing a successful tourism digital marketing campaign: 

Adjust your paid search campaigns according to industry trends

In many industries, it’s common for companies to spend a fixed amount of money on paid search advertising each month. Tourism companies, however, should adjust their ad spend according to customer trends. If you know that your island holiday destinations are very popular in the summer and your ski cabin lodges are popular in the winter, make sure that your PPC budget is adjusted accordingly so that you can reap the rewards from the increased spike in Google searches.

Keep in contact with your customers

Travel companies focus on making sales and bookings, but more can be done with regards to building quality relationships. If you become their go-to agent for their personal and even corporate travel needs, then you will be able to benefit from the repeat business and probably even word of mouth referrals. Stay connected with people you have done business with in the past through e-mail newsletters and social media.

Listen to social media conversations

Different target audiences will be chatting about upcoming holiday plans or travel ideas on the various platforms that are available. Hire a digital marketing company to find out what’s being said on SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, Facebook, Pinterest and any other platform that your target audience might be using so that you can join the conversation when appropriate. 

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