These days, digital marketing seems to be mostly about data that gives you access to a wealth of information on your target market… But how do you use it to develop content marketing that really connects with potential customers? These tips should help you out:

Integrate information from many sources

Use data from your social media marketing to target customers through SEO, and vice versa. For example, Facebook users that engage with posts on reading and literature can be targeted with an Adwords campaign for your bookstore the next time they search for something on Google.

Timing is everything

Facebook and Twitter are especially good at providing real time information on audience and you can use this to create ads that target potential customers while they are already busy engaging. For example, users searching Google for holiday resorts in Zimbabwe can be targeted on Facebook to promote your lodge near Victoria Falls. 

Pay attention to existing customers 

The whole point of link building is to draw internet users to your website, and hopefully convert those users into customers… which then gives you access to even more data. You can use information about past sales with existing customers to promote related services and offerings.

Simplify your data as much as possible 

This is easier said than done, as there is just so much information to integrate. There are many online tools available that can help you sync your customer data from many sources. Alternatively, you may need the help of a digital marketing company such as WSI to assist with everything from website design to search engine optimisation, and help you to use the data you collect to develop more effective personalised marketing.

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