Many financial institutions in Zimbabwe are realizing the enormous benefits of using social networks for marketing. There is still a lot that industries, such as the banking sector, finance companies and other business-oriented corporations, can do to attract and convert new customers.

In doing so, banks and other financial institutions have to follow the guidelines of regulators. For example, any message on social media should be clear just as in other channels of communication.

The fact that digital media is a social platform does not allow employees to be too informal. While the language can shift from jargon to casual, the work ethics and professionalism should remain.

Common laws of social media in Zimbabwe

Most companies in Zimbabwe today use social media as one of their primary marketing strategies. They have perfected the laws of listening to audience’s opinions and focusing on one core business. Otherwise, a jack-of-all-trades trying to tap online traffic looks disorganised and misleads potential clients.

Arguably, one of the most important laws in online marketing is quality. In fact, this law surpasses the objective of achieving infinite followers and likes. For example, it is far much better to have a responsive group of 1000 followers in your digital media channels than hosting an unreceptive group of a million likes.

Important tips for effective digital marketing

Let the administrators of the various social media networks use dedicated channels for specific financial purposes. These may be business banking, customer service, careers, and FAQs.

When a bank has dedicated social media platforms, audiences will know where to express their needs and opinions. For example, a customer in need of mortgage services should not use the same account as another one seeking general enquiries.

Financial institutions should engage their social media audiences by posting interesting content that generates discussion regularly. People will be bored by an account that is updated only a few times a year. Here, they should embrace criticism from their customers – both positive and negative.

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