Everybody wants a high ranking on Google, but achieving this goal often seems out of reach for many businesses. WSI provides a number of SEO services aimed at getting your business onto the first page of Google search results. These simple SEO marketing tips can help increase your website rankings:

Invest in paid advertising

With so many companies out there competing for a piece of the same target market as you, paid advertising has become an essential. Tools such as Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are superb for targeting your market through paid adverts. You can set up advertising yourself, or hire a digital marketing company (such as WSI) for more expert results.

Write a blog 

Ever noticed how, in a Google search, blog posts often come up first? This is because website content that is updated regularly is great for search engine optimisation. Creating relevant and engaging content is really important here. Think of what potential customers may be searching for on Google, and use this information to create post titles and keywords to use in your blog.

Have an active social media presence 

When it comes to SEO, everything is linked. Google will integrate information from your website as well as your Facebook and Twitter accounts to determine your ranking. Set up business accounts on social media and keep active to maintain your online presence and your visibility in Google searches.

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