Many international companies as well as local businesses are investing in ecommerce websites for the Zimbabwean market. If you aren’t selling online, then you are missing out on many sales opportunities. Here are a few SEO tips that you can use to bring in the business on your ecommerce website:

Start with a solid keyword research strategy

Longtail keywords are very useful, especially on ecommerce website. Login to your AdWords account (or get your digital marketer to set one up for you) so that you can start looking at the keyword planner tools. This will give you a better idea of what people in the area are searching for and how you can optimize your pages to draw in more website visitors.

Don’t use duplicate content on each page 

The problem that many ecommerce websites face is that they have a lot of similar content on different pages. This can lead to Google penalizing your pages because the content appears to be duplicated or too thin. Hire a copywriter to make sure that each page has its own unique content.

Write unique meta tag descriptions and alt tags 

A similar challenge is to ensure that each page has unique, keyword rich meta tags, descriptions and alt tags. It’s easy to copy and paste the same content onto all of the pages because you’re in a rush to launch the site, but rather take the time to carefully create unique descriptions and tags for each product page. 

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