twitter for business in zimThe micro-blogging social media platform, Twitter, has quickly become one of the most popular

social networking sites in the world. If you own a business in Zimbabwe, then it’s time you

started using Twitter to stay connected to your target audience.

The digital marketing pros at WSI Zimbabwe have set out some useful tips for business owners, marketing managers and salespeople to use Twitter to engage with their target audience.

Tweet regularly

If you’re going to invest in a Twitter profile, then make sure you post tweets regularly. You can

easily automate the process by scheduling tweets with a tool such as Hootsuite, but make sure

you balance automated tweets with original and real-time tweets. If you’re at an industry

conference, for example, live tweet what conference speakers are saying and retweet relevant

information to your own followers.

Make it personal

Few people want to follow a brand or company profile that only posts updates about

themselves. Make sure you’re not only posting one-way marketing messages about your brand. Make sure you reply to questions and queries on Twitter and take the time to engage with

people who follow you by sharing their content or asking them questions.

Expand your reach

There’s not much use tweeting to a handful of followers. One of the best ways to get more

people to follow you on Twitter is to post good content that gets retweeted. Another way is to

follow people who have already shown interest in your product on other platforms (for example, people who have liked your Facebook page or signed up for your e-newsletter).

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