facebook pages in zimWhile there aren’t official Facebook usage figures for Zimbabwe yet, it has been estimated that approximately 1,400,000+ citizens are using this popular social networking platform. Some

business owners feel Facebook would be a waste of time, but there are many ways you can use this tool to your advantage and grow your business in Zimbabwe:

Social proof

Whether you’re selling products online via an ecommerce store or you have a brick and mortar

store, people will use the internet to research your company’s credibility. Facebook can be a

great way to acquire social proof. A Facebook page can show people that other customers are

using your products and services and it can also be a great way to get customer testimonials for your business.

Promote specials and sales

It’s not always easy to keep in contact with your existing client base. Instead of emailing or text messaging your existing clients with news about promotions, sales and specials, you can easily use your Facebook page to post updates about what your business has to offer.

Grow your client base

The great thing about Facebook advertising is the fact you can use news feed ad placements

and ensure the people who see your ads are your potential clients. You can dictate everything

from gender and age to proximity to your business to make sure the right people click on your


Improve your SEO

Google now looks at social signals to determine a search term’s relevance, which means you

need to invest in your social media profiles. The content you post on your Facebook page has

the potential to generate favourable search engine results for your company and your brand.

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