In the past, marketers would focus on pushing communication onto people in order to sell products and services. With traditional marketing, such as television and radio, you’re basically creating a single message for a wide range of people.

Internet marketing and social media has changed the ball game for businesses. Instead of pushing content to the masses, marketers realise that customers are becoming more self-sufficient in terms of finding the specific products they are interested in and researching their various options. It is for this reason that you need to focus on inbound marketing tactics in order to know where your leads are coming from and to get more clients.

Finding out where your leads are coming from online is a crucial element in creating inbound marketing campaigns that sell. There are a few ways to do this:

Check your Google analytics

If people are visiting your website, you need to know how they found you. Set up Google analytics to find out which pages are being clicked on the most, what websites are referring people to your site and how website visitors are navigating your website. This type of information can help you create more content and tailor it to the needs of your potential clients.

Social media

Many people check social media sites for product reviews and company information before they make a purchasing decision. Check your social media activity and engagements to find out whether people who are buying from you are also engaging with you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus in order to determine whether your leads are coming from these sites or not.

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