Digital marketing is always changing. If you’re still running the same campaigns and strategies which you launched a few years ago, then you’re probably missing out on important sales. Here are a few key things to include in your digital marketing strategy this year:

Relationship marketing 

A once-off sale is still a sale, but a loyal brand advocate is what you want your customers to be. In order to move a customer to a repeat client, you need to focus on relationship marketing. According to statistics, 2 billion people have smart phones this year and this device is where you should be focusing your marketing efforts. Focus on building long-term relationships with customers on the channel they prefer – their mobile phones. Create meaningful, personal interactions through messages and easy-to-consume social media content.

Automate your efforts 

As any business owner or internet marketing consultant knows – marketing takes time. Whether you’re creating content, launching a social media campaign or kick-starting a series of e-mail newsletters for your customers, you need to start automating these processes so that they occur in the right sequence without so much involvement on your behalf.

Interactive experiences 

Thanks to So-Lo-Mo (social – location – mobile) marketing opportunities, business owners and marketers can create much more interactive experiences for clients. Consider how you can incorporate technology with real-life events such as tradeshows, in-store sales and promotions to give your customers a more engaging digital experience.

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