I spy

Digital marketing allows the monitoring of things like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, sales conversions, what content works and what doesn’t work.

This is how, when you land on an e-commerce site, “Big Brother” knows your age, gender, and marital status; your physical location, whether you own a home, estimates of your income; even your favourite websites and movies.

The plan

The success of a digital marketing strategy starts with the collection of data. Not just numbers, but the opinions, feelings, beliefs, and intentions of consumers. There is often a conspicuous divide between what consumers say and what they actually do.

Renowned marketer David Ogilvy once noted, “The trouble with market research is that people don’t think how they feel, they don’t say what they think and they don’t do what they say.”

Thus, as part of their ecommerce strategy, marketing experts use tools and technologies such as cookies, browser fingerprinting, and location-based identifiers to track real-time actions as well as comprehensive personal data.

By understanding how people actually make decisions, where and with whom; it is possible to learn what consumers want and need. Accordingly, relevant ads and products can be promoted via electronic media.

Get social

Knowing this much about prospects and customers increases the success rate of social media marketing strategies and online advertising such as PPC. Content marketing can be tailored to appeal to quality leads.

Because the number and quality of links to web pages help to boost SEO, link building is improved with more targeted marketing.

So our question to you is, “How can you not track consumer behaviour through your ecommerce site?”

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