Many people make use of email marketing to reach new or existing clients. However, emails alone will not thoroughly promote your business.

Having a set email marketing strategy in place will make it easier for you to correspond with you clients. Integrating your email marketing strategy with your social media pages will greatly benefit your business. Not only will you have a faster response time, you will also have all your advertising strategy on one page, giving the client a choice as to which link they would like to click on.

An integrated marketing campaign means that you have successfully integrated your other marketing campaigns, for example Twitter or Facebook, with your email marketing campaign. It is easy to do so!

How to create an integrated email marketing campaign

  • Do not only send a welcome email if a client subscribed to your service, send them valuable information and helpful tips so that they feel appreciated.
  • Having buttons on your marketing emails to your different social media pages will make it easier for clients to simply click on the link to view your profiles.
  • Encourage clients to subscribe to your blog. That way, whenever you post a blog, they will automatically receive it via email.
  • Make sure that mobile users can view your emails without any problems. Use website analytics and email campaign analytics to stay informed about how many users are reading your emails via mobile.

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