Any effective email marketing strategy needs to include lifecycle email marketing that encourages your consumers at precisely the right time to engage with you or follow through with a purchase. While having the right subject line and graphic design for your email marketing or digital marketing campaign is important when trying to land new customers, lifecycle email marketing is designed to keep existing readers interested and engaging with you. This type of email marketing is really about sending the right type of email to the right customer at just the right time.

Trust is what really hooks an email subscriber and below we have included a quick guide to lifecycle email marketing which can benefit your business and the trust it receives from your target audience.

  • Sending welcome emails – don’t waste your subscriber’s time telling them things they already know in a welcome email, such as “Well done! You’ve signed up!” Rather focus the email on more useful content such as letting them know what they can do immediately, directing them to areas of your site that might specifically interest them and also answering some of their potential sign up questions immediately. Welcome emails can include various categories of emails that you might want to consider including: personalised welcome emails, getting started emails, free trial version emails, activation emails, nudge emails and complete your profile emails.
  • Sending subscriber emails – just because someone has already subscribed doesn’t mean you can forget about them. Email subscribers will typically only keep using your service if they feel they are receiving valuable and helpful content. Keep sending out emails without bombarding them. Subscriber emails can be sent out in the following categories: new feature emails, new post emails, newsletters, thank you mails and course emails.
  • Sending promotional emails – these are very valuable. Instead of simply sending out product information, make the experience more exciting by including emails about your discounts and promotions. Categories in this type of email service include: special offer emails, sales emails, holiday greeting emails, invitation emails, upgrade emails and similar.
  • Sending transactional emails – these types of emails can be most valuable to your email marketing strategy as they are used to keep your subscribers and ensure you are still engaging with them effectively. With this type of email you can show your customer you value their business and that you are efficient and organised. Transactional emails can include the following categories of emails: receipts, password reset emails, notification emails, shipping confirmation emails and subscriber renewal emails.
  • Sending behavioural emails – losing a customer in the middle of a sale, or not having them return after making a purchase is not great for business. Behavioural emails will keep you in touch with your customer and help you to find out where things went wrong. These emails are typically in the following categories: abandoned shopping cart emails, review emails, “You might also like” emails, survey emails, retention emails and social proof emails.

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